About Budo KM

Stichting Budo KM is born from the passion for Japanese martial arts and the philosophy behind them.

Budokas train the body to shape the mind. And the “tools” for these trainings are the Japanese martial arts. Some budo styles are: ju jitsu (or ju jutsu), judo, karate, aikido, kyudo, iaido, jodo, kendo, sumo and there are more and more.

The goal of Budo KM is to create a network of teachers/dojos in the mentioned disciplines to share the philosophy of budo. To make budokas curious also about different disciplines and let them practice them in order to understand deeper the culture behind the Japanese martial arts.

There are many good budo teachers worldwide who help people with their personal development through trainings. However, for them it is not always easy to gain new pupils and maintain the dojo. Moreover, most budokas train only in their own dojo but having the opportunities to come together, exchange and share their knowledge, techniques, style and passion, learn from each other, will benefit the athletes and boost the budo itself.


Budo KM organizes national and international seminars in order to put in contact different teachers from different disciplines so that budokas will be able to see the same “topic” (budo) but approached from different points of view, widening their knowledge and highlighting the common aspects but also the ones not in common.

Boot camps, intense training events and travel exchanges will also be used as activities to promote budo and to create connections between the practitioners from all over the world.

Why now?

In 2020, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Japan will get a lot of attention in the media and top sports players and supporters will target the country. People will get to know more about Japan and Japanese culture, including the Japanese martial arts. Judo is an Olympic Sport since the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964. Karate will join the Olympics in Tokyo for the first time in 2020. This will give a big boost to the Japanese martial arts. It’s the perfect time to promote budo.


You can contact us at info@budokm.com


Ms Martina Lucchesi (board member, chairman), born in Italy, is a ju jitsu sensei (3rd dan CSEN and 2nd dan WJJF) with several years of experience teaching adults and children. She began training ju jitsu in 1996, under Luca Angeli sensei (7th dan CSEN) in Italy. Her enthusiasm and passion for martial arts and fighting sports pushed her to improve and gain long-standing skills in different disciplines (including fighting system, taiji and judo). She has a scientific education: bachelor degree in Herbal Sciences and bachelor and master degree in Medicinal Chemistry, both at the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Pisa. She moved to Amsterdam in 2013 to finish her studies at the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Leiden with a thesis in molecular biology. After finishing her studies she decided to become a full time teacher and martial artist. She currently teaches at the YKR Amsterdam – Ju Jitsu school.


Ms Kana Nakamoto (board member, secretary and treasurer), born in Okinawa, has been living in the Netherlands for more than 25 years. She is an entrepreneur and the owner of Office Nakamoto. She graduated from the Hogeschool Maastricht as well as Pabo at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She has a lot of experiences in education, personal leadership-training, M&A consultancy, research and interpreting. She learnt karate for the first time from Shoshin Nagamine-sensei at the Matsubayashi Honbu dojo in Naha. In Amsterdam, she started karate again at Nippondo and trained Genwakai & Wado-ryu kate for nearly 10 years. Recently, she entered the Goju-ryu karate dojo in Amsterdam, a member of  IOGKF. She thinks it improves peoples’ relation on a deeper level. As a coach, as a teacher and an interpreter, she has met a lot of people with low self-confidence and having difficulties in dealing with others. Therefore, she wants to promote budo widely so that more people become healthy, both physically and mentally. She thinks budo can give a positive contribution to the society.